A story, a panel, an award

Thank you so much to all my new subscribers, it’s lovely to meet you! I think many of you signed up for my book list, which I’ll post around the end of the convention, but in the meantime I have a few announcements I’m really excited about.

Despite some difficulties, I’ve been having an awesome time at WorldCon. I’m disappointed I haven’t been able to welcome friends new and old to Wellington, but I’m seeing so many more people on screen.

Plus it’s my cat’s first con. Normally she gets left behind. I’m sure she’ll be cleaning out the dregs of a cream cocktail from the glass before the weekend is over 🙄

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I’m delighted to have won this year’s Sir Julius Vogel Award in the Best Novella/Novelette category for From a Shadow Grave. Thank you so much to everyone who worked on, read, talked about, nominated, or voted for this book - I really appreciate it.

Congratulations to all the other winners, and to those who were shortlisted; it was a great field with some stiff competition. You should check out the shortlist if you haven’t already.

[SJV Trophies - gold hexahedrons with detail on green bases]

My short story “Even the Clearest Water” came out yesterday from Fireside. It’s a story about autistic folk and fair folk; about rescue and bargains and love. I am super proud of this story - it feels like one I’ve been circling towards for a long time.

It was also the story that pushed me over the threshold for SFWA full membership, so I guess in a way it’s made me a professional writer.

I’m really happy to share it with you. I hop you enjoy the read.

[A woman - perhaps fae - waist deep in water with flowers in her hair]

Lastly, I was delighted to be part of the ConZealand Fringe programming - an unofficial series of panels to complement the official items, run at times better suited to a European audience. I spoke with Cassie Hart, Sascha Stronach, and AJ Fitzwater about Modern Aotearoa New Zealand Speculative Fiction.

All of us but Cassie thought it was next week until a few hours before hand, but despite the scramble it was a great experience, and many thanks to Claire Rousseau for hosting us. If you missed us live you can still watch the recording.

As with my official panels, I’ll be sending round a list of works mentioned after the con.

Thank you for reading!