A witchy side...

Hi everyone! And welcome to new subscribers. It’s good to have you here.

I was wondering what to write in this newsletter. Life goes on, and the days are getting shorter which means I’m retreating home a bit. I had a great time talking about Accessible Worlds at Flights of Foundry, but the video isn’t quite out yet. Mostly I’ve been writing away on various different projects. As I get closer to finishing Alpaca and Apparitions I’m also sketching out the fourth book in the series, Data and Divination. It’s a slightly darker book to the others - though still positive - with an entirely new set of witches, and I’m excited about it.

It will be a few months before a new release though, so this is all happening in my head and on my computer. So I thought, a number of you are interested in divination, and I’ve been working on learning to read tarot better, so why don’t I show you some of my cards.

(I wrote decks but worried some of you would read it with a New Zealand accent and find it a little forward. Ahem.)

There are cards from the four main decks I use:

The first card - the Hermit - is from the Numinous Tarot. It’s the first deck I really connected with - it’s bright, inclusive, and free of gender designations. I use it most when I’m thinking about community and the sort of world we want to build. (I drew this hermit card a lot during lockdown and was very unimpressed.)

The second card - Death - is from Orien. This is a strong deck with lots of intense colours, and I love the artwork. I use this for the big feelings and the intense questions.

The Temperance card is from the Wild Unknown deck. I know a lot of people find this one harsh but it’s quite a calm one for me, with gentle use of colour. (My harsh one is the Golden Thread app on my phone.)

Lastly is The World from the Ad Orbita deck. This is my newest deck and I’m still getting to know it, but I love how delicately drawn it is, and the combination of plants with celestial bodies.

So there it is: a quick foray into my own witchy side. And talking of witchy things, I’m really excited to be part of two themed promos. The first is a collection of free witch books and the second is a Witch Book Fair filled with magical reads. Please do check them out - you may find your new favourite book.

A quick reminder: I’ll be speaking at Hijinks in the Hutt next month. If you’re local please do come along; it’s going to be a great evening.