Award Eligible Works

It’s that time of year when we awkwardly post about our published work over the past year. Despite, well, the whole damn year, I’ve someone managed to add a bit to my list of published work and I’d love it if you’d take a look, read something that appeals, and perhaps consider it when it comes to award nominations. I’m particularly proud of “Salvage” and “Even the Clearest Water” - if you want a starting point, that’s what I’d recommend.

I’ll be posting my recommendations of other people’s work probably early in the new year (there’s quite a bit I want to get through first).


Succulents and Spells is a fluffy, cosy, f/f novella set in Wellington, and part of the Witchy Fiction project. 25600 words.

Short fiction

The Wasp-Keeper’s Mother” (Kaleidotrope, 2020) is a short experimental story about family and changed living situations. 2600 words.

Even the Clearest Water” (Fireside Magazine, 2020) is one of my favourites of this year - a short piece reworking the long-assumed similarities between fae and autistic people into a more deliberate and mutually beneficial understanding between equals. It’s a bit of a love story too. 1500 words.

Like Clocks Work” (Aurealis, 2020) is about animatronic clocks, space travel, leaving Earth, and becoming human. 4200 words.

Where a Good Town may take us” (Abyss & Apex) is me, back on my usual themes, of water and drowning. This is one with a surreal feel - it’s about hope and lack thereof, and change through the generations. 2400 words.

Salvage” (takahē magazine, 2020) is part fairy story, part portrait of the timelessness of coastal communities. It took me several years to get this one right, and I’m delighted to have it out in the world. 1800 words.

“Ōmarino” (Rebuilding Tomorrow anthology, 2020) is the story I wrote about finally being able to have cafe brunch after the devastating pandemic. I wrote it in 2019 and editing it in 2020 was one hell of a trip. It’s a story of choices, incompatibility, building accessible communities, and love. It wasn’t an easy one to write but I hope I did the topics I was exploring justice. 2500 words.

A Consensus told in Chromatophores” (3 Lobed Burning Eye, 2020) is a weird one - it’s about cuttlefish and democratic systems. A bit outside my usual, but I really enjoyed writing it.

“Magic on the Waves” (Jingle Spells, 2020) is a lighthearted Christmas story that follows on from Succulents and Spells. 7000 words.

On the Right Track” (Stuff climate news) is my last publication for the year. It’s a near future story about trains, climate change, siblings, and Christmas. 2300 words.


“Alone Together at the Edge of the World” is a short essay published in the ConZealand conbook about NZ SFF, climate change, and how we respond to disaster.

Not eligible

“Henrietta and the End of the Line” was first printed in 2019 and is therefore not eligible for any awards I’m aware of.