ConZealand Schedule

So it’s almost WorldCon time. Here’s my schedule (there may be changes, so check the official thingumy, but this should be more or less sorted. I’ll post any changes here if I can, and after the panels I’ll post my lists of books etc I mentioned (or planned to mention). If you’re not already subscribed, you can do that now.

Accessible Magic 
29 Jul 2020, Wednesday 13:00 - 13:50, Programme Room 3 (Webinar) How does a person with a speech impediment handle magical incantations? Dyslexic sorcery: scrambling runes a hazard? Is the autism spectrum an advantage if spellcasting requires visualizing complex shapes? Let's mash mastery of magic and differently abled people together and see what we get

New Zealand Authors on the International Stage
30 Jul 2020, Thursday 15:00 - 15:50, Programme Room 2 (Webinar) (Programming)NZ speculative fiction authors, established and up and coming, discuss the challenges of working on the international stage. Stay in NZ, or be closer to the action? Write with a NZ flavour - language, setting, culture - or not?

Book Launch: Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction and Fantasy Volume 2 
30 Jul 2020, Thursday 20:00 - 20:50, Book Launches (Programming)Paper Road launches their newest edition of the Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction and Fantasy Volume 2.  Come meet the authors!

SF and Fantasy from NewZealand 
31 Jul 2020, Friday 13:00 - 13:50, Programme Room 7 (Zoom Meeting) There is a lot of great SF and fantasy coming from New Zealand and Pasifika. The panel discusses some of the best.

Pandemic Myths and Facts 
31 Jul 2020, Friday 15:00 - 15:50, Programme Room 5 (Zoom Meeting) Where have we gotten things right / wrong when the genre deals with pandemics? And how does that compare to the real world? How can we, either individually or as a community, roll back the tide of misinformation?

(That’s a picture of a magic book looking all magicky with coloured smoke and whatnot. Here for prettiness, and because it’s relevant to both my first panel and a forthcoming project I’ll be mentioning here soon.)

I’ll be on Discord over the convention - andicbuchanan#2105 - feel free to friend me and chat, or maybe I’ll see you in Zoom - or even in person at the WSFS meeting (I understand there will be SNACKS).