Back in the day, we subscribed to a DVD rental service. Rather than requesting a specific DVD you added items to a queue in order of priority and when you returned one you would be posted the next available one in your queue.

One night I was drinking and browsing their offerings, adding DVDs I was interested in to my queue.

3 months passed.

My partner checked the mail and returned with a look of horror on her face. Death of a relative? 6 month jury service call up?

She handed me the envelope. Inside was a copy of Megapython versus Gatoroid.

“I like reptiles,” was my only defence.

Later the sites where you get a deal if x people commit to buying came into fashion. I saw a great deal on gingernuts.

I like gingernuts. I often had a packet in my drawer at work for an easy snack. And the rate per packet was a great deal.

I didn’t really think about just how much 50 packets of gingernuts was for two people until they arrived.

In the days before lockdown, everywhere sold out of hand sanitiser. I find it easier to use than to wash my hands more, so while it wasn’t a big deal I took advantage of a pre-order site for when my current bottle ran out.

I didn’t really know how much sanitiser I’d use, but I made my best guess.

I now have a much better idea. In the 2 months since I have used about 150ml of hand sanitiser.

My order of six litres just arrived.

If you want to make better purchase decisions than me you can go check out the great-value Pride story bundle in this, the month of Gay Wrath. Support some queer authors and editors, and Rainbow Railroad along the way.

Oh, and keep using the hand sanitiser. Just, yknow, order realistic amounts for what you’re going to use.